Lucha Libre San Diego, California

Though one can connect the South/Central American and Spanish influence in Trinidad & Tobago cuisine, the distinct tastes of Mexico are not common here and during my recent trip to San Diego, California, I wanted to learn more first hand about Mexican food. The plan was to cross the boarder into Mexico, but with recent escalating incidents of violence, I thought it best to not give my parents a heart attack and stay States side. :-)

Outside the Famous Shop in Mission Hills,
 San Diego
Please Place Your Order!
With my brother (the world traveller) as my guide, we visited a Taco shop which I thought would be typical and reflective of the main trends in American/Mexican fare that are so very popular in California. What I had the privilege to experience was something more, more in keeping with my culinary quests - some of the best. 

Almost Every Bite is a Different Combination of
Delicious Fillings
A Gourmet Burrito (Flour Tortilla that looks like a Roti)
Lucha Libre Taco Shop is anything but typical, first they are categorized as a ‘Gourmet’ Taco Shop and their combination of great food with the imagery of Lucha Libre - the colorful and entertaining Spanish/Mexican version of American wrestling puts this place on the map. They are famous! 

Committed to the Theme -
the Lucha Libre Decor
First giveaway, the line to order that on any given day is out the door. Next, the accolades which line the walls and are impressive given this place opened its doors in 2008. They have been mentioned and featured in many magazines, newspapers and guides and in June of this year Adam Richmen visited and shared with the many fans of Man v. Food why this place is the best. 

It May Look Messy - Messy Delicious;
Inside Peek at the Surfin' California
Fillings of the Surf & Turf Burrito (with Rice) 
The menu is short, in my experience I have found that to be a positive; they do a few things really well, perfecting it, not a laundry list of anything anyone may ask for. Tacos, Burritos, Quesadillas and five specialty items. Check out their menu for yourself http://www.tacosmackdown.com/menu.htm and see even by description how amazingly complexed, layered, colorful and delicious the components and items are.

Salsa and Corn Tortillas
I Could Just Drink the Green One (container to head) :-)
Deep rich sauces like Mole (pronounced Mo-lay); dark reddish brown with chilies and chocolate served over meat, Serrano sauces with immense flavor for the shrimp and chicken, Pico de Gallo (Salsa Fresca) on everything and Adobaba (oh Adobada!) Pork marinated in red chili sauce with vinegar and oregano (to name but two of the herbs expertly used). 

In Keeping with the Scheme of the Decor,
the Champions Booth is Understated and Tame
Everything here is good, but I would advise a gourmet Burrito be tried at least once in a lifetime. The Surfin’ California is awesome in both size and flavor with a secret Chipotle Sauce, this wrap is chocked full of grilled Steak, Shrimp, Avocado, Cheese and Fries (yes, French Fries). The Surf & Turf Burrito is similar but includes rice bursting with authentic Mexican spices. 

Great Artwork Everywhere Especially in the Bathrooms

The themed decor is truly original with Lucha Libre masks all around, the seats of chairs, the walls and in the art adorning even the restrooms. 

Hey, You Have to Keep it Authentic with a Mexican Soda
So if ever you are in San Diego, look this place up for some great food, lasting memories and the chance to say you had one of the best Burritos ever!

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Tes said...

Wow what an amazing culinary quest! I just wanna do the same thing. I wanna eat eveything... just keep eating :)
Thanks for sharing!

~Melissa said...

Thanks Tes,
You go girl, eat it all up! :-)

Anonymous said...

Perche non:)