LeVeLs UltraBar and Lounge

A dining experience is altered when you are invited to see a true Chef at work preparing your food. When skills displayed were honed over years and bare hands shape and form your meal, feeding the eyes before the mouth can taste. When knives work as an extension of the hand and raw is artfully combined with cooked in perfect balance, a meal is transposed to a pleasure.
Soft Shell Crab, Fresh Vegetables rolled in Rice
Usuzukuri - slices of Tuna with Ponzu Sauce
Yeah, I LOVE sushi. The pomp and circumstance of every roll, the performance art with the ability to satisfy and nourish and LeVeLs is may favorite place in Trinidad to get it.
Located at the western end of Ariapita Avenue in the capital of Port of Spain, this Ultrabar as they call themselves caters for a wide range of clients on four (4) levels, hence the name.
Beautiful Sushi Sandwich with Tuna and Avocado
My longstanding favorite - Acevichado Roll

Why My Favorite for Sushi

With a number of popular places in our small Republic now offering sushi, why is this my place to go to? Three (3) reasons: 1. Consistently great quality (head sushi Chef José rocks!) 2. Meaningful variety (no identity crisis reflected in the menu) and 3. Great, friendly service.

The LeVeLs menu serves up amazing quintessential hot and cold sushi items and includes LeVeLs specialty rolls, Specialities of the Itamae (japanese chef) from their kitchen like Japanese fried chicken - Katsu and their Epicurean delights - Guava Bar-Be-Que Ribs and Crab Cake Sliders alongside creative cocktails like Wasabi Martinis. What more could you want? Maybe something in your choice of atmosphere; outdoor spaces and a deck share the pulse of the avenue (great 'máco' points to see and be seen), the ground floor housing the sushi and drink bars are lively and at times loud, if that's your style, and the first floor with it's large comfy couches and leather armchairs more suited to the intimate art of conversation. The top level is a large private room opulently outfitted for those who can afford its exclusivity.
Classic Harumaki (Riceless) Roll

Must Tries on the Menu

The Acevichado specialty roll, a Tuna based roll topped with a white sauce so delicious I could drink it out of a cup. Ceviche Nikkei; Shrimp, Scallops and Octopus in their LeVeLs Ceviche Salsa topped with Sweet Potato Tempura. The Crunchy Roulette is LeVeLs' spin on pizza with Salmon, Tuna, Tobiko and Acevichado Sauce. The Curfew Roll with Octopus, Mushroom in Garlic Butter is fully cooked and flavorful. Try them all.
LeVeLs Specialty Crunchy Roulette -
a new spin on Pizza
Steak topped sushi
Visit LeVeLs any day of the week except Mondays and make new friends. 
LeVeLs is located at 1 Taylor Street and Corner of Ariapita Avenue Port of Spain and check out their Facebook page for details of their menu and specials.

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