Professional Culinary Classics 2010

Events such as these do our little islands proud by featuring the passion, skill and creativity Trinbagonians have for food.

Stuffed Chicken Breast presented by the team of Comedians
Hosted by the Trinidad and Tobago Group of Professional Associations (TTGPA) and under the distinguished patronage of His Excellency Professor George Maxwell Richards, TC, CMT, Ph.D President of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, the Professional Culinary Classics 2010 delivered outstanding food and a great time for participants and attendees alike.

Bar-B-Qued Pig Tails and Traditional Curried Duck
from the Safety Council Team
The Dapper Crowd filling all seats 
at this year's Event
Sixteen teams presented main dishes competing for Best Display, Chef of the Year, People's Choice and Overall Winners. Their chosen themes were resourcefully expressed in the titles and ingredients of their dishes like NIHERSTS' 'Science Makes it Delicious' with offerings of 'Atomic Duck', 'Galactic Fish' and 'Lamb Proton.' The 'Atomic Duck' was a flavorful curried duck with a kick.
Meat Stews, moist Fried Fish and Stuffed Pork Loin
from the School of Higher Education

The Caribbean Institute of Forensic Accounting with their theme of 'Curry Bobol' (Bobol is local parlance for scandal) with dishes like 'Stanforde Chicken,' 'Guanapo Pork' and 'Made-Off Goat' (hilarious) were popular that night. All rich local curries spiced just right.

Caribbean Institute of Forensic Accounting
with an All Curry Menu
Creative names and fun aside, this skillfully coordinated and well attended occasion (over 800 patrons) showcased culinary talent of an incredible calibre. Deserving mention; the Association of Doctors' 'Cosmetic Lamb' with its deep well balanced taste, the Association of Real Estate Agents with a Hawaiian theme and Guava Glazed Baby Back Ribs - the perfect balance of sweet and savory along with TRINRE's Mahi-Mahi, Salmon and Shrimp fare, all simply blissful.

TRINRE team's Amazing Salmon
It was difficult deciding what to eat that night, if you were smart, while sampling fine wine from the AMCO wine station, beer from the Heineken booth or having a premium drink from the bar, you ambled around and viewed the competitor's stations and had a look into the veggie, carbs and dessert booths located at either end of the auditorium. When time came to dine, you would have formulated a scrumptiously winning game plan for which of the three entrĂ©es you would sample and know where to acquire the veggies, carbs and desserts to tickle your fancy.

Did someone say Drinks? A great Bar all night

This annual affair was designed to strengthen the camaraderie among the professionals and their associations and as a fund raiser. The fundraising goal being to improve the capacity of the TTGPA to work with government, private and community based organizations towards the achievement of Millennium Development Goals, including the eradication of poverty.

Juicy Guava Glazed Baby Back Ribs from the
Association of Real Estate Agents
Though many hours of strategizing and planning must have gone into the team's meat dishes, Dessert was no after thought, I had Ice Cream and Coffee from respective stations with Cakes and Pastries (courtesy the Hyatt Regency Trinidad) to savor while soaking in the live entertainment on stage.

Many colorful and flavorful
Salads to choose from

This deliciously successful affair held on November 13 at the Center of Excellence, Macoya Trinidad has undoubtedly helped the Professional Culinary Classics (PCC) earn a premium place in the Annual Culinary Calendar of Trinidad and Tobago. The TTGPA plans on hosting other food and drink related events during the year leading up to the PCC 2011, and I look forward in eager anticipation of their announcement.

His Excellency presenting the Overall Winner's
to the TRINRE Team

PCC 2010 Winners: 
  • Best Display - Association of Real Estate Agents "Real Hawaiian Delight"
  • Chef of the Year - NIHERST "Lamb Proton"
  • People's Choice - Association of Real Estate Agents
  • Overall Winners - TRINRE "When Sea Food Comes Sailing In"
More comprehensive Belly in Hand coverage here; I really had fun at this event :-) 



kaye said...

How do I get Food Network to view this? Really enjoyable. Love the tags with the knife and fork. And you have a good TV voice. Ok, I'm really hungry now and wondering if you were not drooling while visiting the booths. Silly-corn chicken!

~Melissa said...

I especially liked the 'Made-off Goat' and 'Guanapo Pork' (The Heights of Guanapo Scandal). :-) I had the opportunity to sample a lot more but was so enjoying capturing the essence of the Event that only looking back I wished I tasted it all.
Well next time! I hope you'll join me as well. :-)

Chennette said...

I miss living home for the opportunities for events like these - can't fly home all the time unfortunately.

~Melissa said...


You have to make it to the next one though! November 2011. They are also planning a Rum event after Carnival. Hope you are here :-)